They say poetry is when emotion finds its way to thought.

But maybe just maybe it is thought finding its way to emotion.

Where does a thought end and emotion begin?

We often distinguish the two and yet, maybe there is no difference.

Maybe there is no distinction.

Do thoughts create emotion, or do emotions create thoughts?

Similarly, how far is the east from the west?

Or uniquely when does south turn to north?

Are they one and the same or just intricately intertwined?

Just as there is often no beginning and no end,

maybe, there is no such thing as thought versus emotion…


About Valerie Christine

I have been writing since I was 13 and was published for the first time at the age of 14. Writing has always been a place to share, to be, to feel with no interruptions. No rules. No judgment. Every piece is like a photograph, a moment in time that only truly exists for that moment because there will never be another moment exactly like it. See, every moment is unique with many variables making it set apart from the next and the next. And so with words, as with pictures, we capture these moments. Like capturing a tear or a laugh or a snowflake. Because truly the only variable is change. And so in words I seek to capture and remember what inevitably shifts and changes. View all posts by Valerie Christine

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